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Our Line of Products


Rivera Custom Gates & Feeders offers a wide range of goat chutes, gates, panels and livestock feeder products.

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Livestock Panels

Livestock Split Panels

Livestock Bow Gates

Livestock Flat Feeders

Livestock Hay Rack Feeders

Livestock Ground Bale Feeder

Livestock Sliding Gates for chutes

Livestock Round Bale Feeder

Guillotine Gates




Hog Traps

Hog Trap Pen





 Custom Show Hog Panels                     
 Hog Chute for Digital Scale
 Deer Panels                Rivera's Swivel Game  Hoist
 Dog Panels

 Residential Metal Entrance Gates    



We offer you a constant selection of gates and pens to meet your needs.



Livestock Panels


Walk Thru Gates



Livestock Sliding Gate for Chutes



Hog Trap Pen


Deer Panels





Custom Hog Panels for Trailers


Hog Chute for Digital Scale


Rivera's Swivel Game Hoist



Pasture Gates





We will be adding other products and services to this page on a regular basis. Please return for any updates or feel free to call us at 512-752-3946 or 512-734-3277 for immediate attention. Or contact us through the contact page.




Connecting Panels






Latching Gates










Adjusting Loading Chute



Livestock Feeder