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Rivera Custom Gates & Feeders offers goat and livestock feeder products.


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Funnel Panel Feeders

Double Sided Metal Goat Feeder

Ground Round Bale Feeder

Goat  Creep Panels

Goat Panel Feeders

Goat Baby Feeders

Goat Hayrack Feeders

Goat Flat Feeders

Goat Purling Hayrack Feeder

Goat Round Bale Feeders

Lamb Chute Feeders

Goat Square Bale Feeder

Baby Goat Feeders

Horse Feeder





We offer standard and custom feeders for all your  needs.



Square Bale Feeder





Double Sided Metal Feeder




Funnel Panel Feeder



7ft & 10Ft Flat Goat Feeders



Ground Round Bale Feeder




Panel Feeder




Horse Feeder





We will be adding other products and services to this page on a regular basis. Please return for any updates or feel free to call us at 512-752-3946 or 512-734-3277 for immediate attention. Or contact us through the contact page.


Lamb Feeder