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Our Business

Rivera Custom Gates & Feeders has been around since 1980.


We specialize in your custom projects and love to hear your new ideas for creating that special gate for you. Or we are set up to accommodate your unique new project.


We may not be the only gate company in Texas, BUT you can be assured are that we are one of the best.


Our policy is that - "We are not satisfied until you are satisfied - with a smile."


We use only the highest quality materials in all of our projects. Visit our product area today and see for yourself why we are a leader in the metal panels and goat chute industry.



Rivera Custom Gates & Feeders is well known for the quality and cost effectiveness of our goat chutes.


But you may not know that we put the same caring construction into our other livestock, panels, gates and feeders. We are a company that has many, many years of experience in the field building products absolutely necessary for the ease and use of this type of equipment.


We have in the field experience using these products. We have spent a great deal of time perfecting our products so that they are easy to use and reduce your time dealing with your livestock. Our products are designed with your ease and the safety of your animals in mind.




Custom Jobs

Here's several great reasons to consider when making your next goat chute or panel product purchase.


 Rivera Custom Gates & Feeders


1. We don't just sell you what we have in stock

2. We offer you custom products - to order

3. We do this at affordable prices

4. And - We'll work within your budget